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Nyjat Rose-Akins


Seattle Municipal Court

Position 7

Nyjat Rose-Akins

Education: Juris Doctor, Seattle University; Bachelor of Business Administration, Howard University


Occupation: Assistant Seattle City Attorney; District Court Judge Pro Tem

Statement: Nyjat Rose-Akins is well-versed in bringing stakeholders together to improve the health, safety, and livability of our City. Her perspective on the criminal legal system is informed by 12 years working as a Seattle Assistant City Attorney, including conducting over 60 criminal trials and working closely with participants in therapeutic courts. Her perspective is also informed by her work providing legal advice to city leaders on complex issues including police accountability and homelessness.

On a personal level, Nyjat’s views are shaped by witnessing the experiences of her own friends and family within the court system, and her own experience as a Jamaican immigrant. 

Nyjat understands that efforts made to reduce criminal conduct within Seattle have fallen short. Like many, she is frustrated that Seattle Municipal Court has not met its role in fulfilling this basic municipal function. Likewise, the Court must also ensure that fundamental human rights are well protected for individuals involved in the legal system. Nyjat will rise to meet these obligations with respect and compassion.

If elected, Nyjat will not release individuals without first considering the likelihood of reappearance, and the severity and frequency of the criminal behavior. 

While releasing all individuals pretrial is well intentioned, it does not work in practice.  It ignores the fact that while diversion programs are an important tool for the Court, they are not universally appropriate for every defendant and every crime. Seattle can do better. Nyjat’s deep experience will help her weigh how to reduce criminal recidivism rates with treatment and outreach for defendants, while also protecting victims of crimes and ensuring the safety of all our fellow Seattleites.

Nyjat has earned support from community leaders and organizations. Nyjat is endorsed by current and retired judges from district court, superior court, and the Seattle Municipal Court.  

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Opponent: Damon Shadid

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