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Bryan Chushcoff


Pierce County Superior Court

Position 4

Brian ChushcoffLegal/Judicial Experience
Superior Court Judge 1997 to present. Several leadership positions: Superior Court Presiding Judge - 4 years; Member Executive Committee - 11 years; Chair – numerous court committees. Judge for countless trials many with significant community impact.

Other Professional Experience
Successful attorney in Tacoma for 19 years meeting a payroll and representing working families to solve a wide range of legal problems.

University of Puget Sound Law School. University of Washington - Business Administration. Tacoma Public Schools.

Community Service
Treasurer – Washington State Superior Court Judges’ Association (April 2016 to present); Trustee – Washington State Board for Judicial Administration (2014 - 2018)

A Fair Judge. Bryan Chushcoff believes courts exist to ensure public safety and settle disputes. Judges must be impartial and reserve judgment until the facts are in. They must apply the law equally. Bryan is a smart, practical judge who faithfully and fairly carries out the law.

A Proven Leader: Bryan is a proven leader and imaginative problem solver. In 2019, Bryan was asked to share the Court’s achievements with the National Center for State Courts Criminal Case Management Workshop after their study found Pierce County’s criminal case management among the nation’s seven best.

Justice for All. “I want Washington to be a safe, prosperous place for families. I was born in Tacoma and grew up here. I was a lawyer 19 years before becoming Judge. It is rewarding to help people through difficult times, and I would be honored to continue to build on my life’s work as your judge.”

The Stakes. Court decisions are too important to be made by the unprepared. Bryan’s opponent has never tried a case in Pierce County Superior Court. His opponent’s career is largely devoted to lobbying – not trial work. Endorsed. Bryan Chushcoff is endorsed by every Pierce County Superior Court Judge.

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Opponent: Brady Horenstein, Bremerton, WA 98311
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