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King County


Washington Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices are elected to six-year terms by voters throughout the entire state. There are nine Supreme Court justices, and Washington residents will vote for four in 2020.

Supreme Court candidates only appear on the primary election ballot if there are three or more candidates for a position.

Position 3: Raquel Montoya-Lewis is the incumbent. She is being challenged by Dave Larson This election will appear on the November ballot.

Position 4: Charles Johnson is the incumbent. He is running unopposed. This election will appear on the November ballot.

Position 6: G. Helen Whitener is the incumbent. She is being challenged by Richard Serns. This election will appear on the November ballot.

Position 7: Debra Stephens is the incumbent. She is running unopposed. This election will appear on the November ballot.


Court of Appeals

Division One, District One

(King County)

District One elects eight judges; Positions 5 and 6 will be on the 2020 ballot.

Judge  David Mann and Judge Bill Bowman are both running without opposition.


Superior Court

Superior Court judges are elected to four-year terms. Most Superior Court positions throughout Washington are up for election in 2020.

If only one candidate runs for a Superior Court position in a county with a population of more than 100,000, that candidate receives a Certificate of Election, and the position will not appear on either the primary or the general election ballot. If there are three or more candidates for a position, the office will appear on the August primary ballot. In a two candidate race, there will only be a vote on the position in November.

The following positions will be on the November ballot.

Position 13 Hillary Madsen | Andrea Robertson
Position 30 Carolyn Ladd | Doug North

The following incumbents are running unopposed. They will receive Certificates of Election and will not appear on the November ballot.

Position 1 David Whedbee
Position 2 David Steiner
Position 3 Julie Spector
Position 4 Mary Roberts
Position 5 Maureen McKee
Position 6 Melinda Young
Position 7 Janet Helson
Position 8 John Ruhl
Position 9 Michael Scott
Position 10 Regina Cahan
Position 11 Catherine Shaffer
Position 12 Dean Lum
Position 14 Nicole Phelps
Position 15 Samuel Chung
Position 16 Averil Rothrock
Position 17 Josephine Wiggs-Martin
Position 18 Susan Craighead
Position 19 Nelson Lee
Position 20 Susan Amini
Position 21 Veronica Galvan
Position 22 Karen Donohue
Position 23 Andrea Darvas
Position 24 Patrick Oishi
Position 25 Elizabeth Berns
Position 26 David Keenan
Position 27 Tanya Thorp
Position 28

Johanna Bender

Position 29

Sean O'Donnell

Position 31 Marshall Ferguson
Position 32 LeRoy McCullough
Position 33 Steve Rosen
Position 34 Chad Allred
Position 35 Mafe Rajul
Position 36 Annette Messitt
Position 37 Michael Ryan
Position 38 Michael Diaz
Position 39 Julia Garrett
Position 40 Ken Schubert
Position 41 Matt Williams
Position 42 Sue Parisien
Position 43 John McHale
Position 44 Catherine Moore
Position 45 Jim Rogers
Position 46 Judy Ramseyer
Position 47 Roger Rogoff
Position 48 Brian McDonald
Position 49 Aimee Sutton
Position 50 Ketu Shah
Position 51 Cindi Port
Position 52 Kristin Richardson
Position 53 Sandra Widlan
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