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Kathleen Petrick


Island County Superior Court

Position 2

Kathleen Petrick

Legal/Judicial Experience
Pro Tem Judge Island County Superior Court 2019-present, Pro Tem Judge Island County District Court 2018; Lawyer (1992-2017): PartneróMiller Nash Graham & Dunn/Miller Nash/Graham & Dunn (2007-2017), Stokes Lawrence 2002-2007 (Partneró2004), PartneróSummit Law Group, PrincipalóPetrich Law Firm, AssociateóBarnard Pauly & Bellamy.

Other Professional Experience
Sales EngineeróGeneral Electric (1982-1991).

Law Degree Seattle University (1992); Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Degree, Valparaiso University (1982).

Community Service
Friends of the Langley Library (President 2019-2020), League of Women Voters Whidbey Island member, Slow Food Whidbey member, and King County Bar Foundation (2010-2017, President 2016-2017).

Kathleen is a proven hard worker, known as a fair but firm, prepared pro tem Island County judge, able to handle a large caseload day in and day out. She's highly organized, knowledgeable and passionate about the law, and patient and compassionate to those before her.

She and her husband George have enthusiastically pitched into Island County Life since their arrival, generating fresh views on local issues and, for Kathleen, bringing a broad-gauged wisdom and efficacy gained from decades of legal experience at the state and national level. All of this gives her a unique advantage in seeing the larger perspectives often useful for sound rulings at the county level.

As an attorney, peers and judges have honored her for her integrity and legal skill. With her engineering background, she is a natural problem solver. Raising a son taught her the value of listening, then saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Supporters of her candidacy include: Judge Charles Burdell (Ret.), Island County Democrats, and prominent residents: Bob Alexander, Ann Medlock, John Graham, Mike Noblet, Bill O'Brien, Carol Squire, Maggie Johns, Polly, Primm, Larry Nichols, Phyllis Alexander, and Connie Savage. Please join them in voting for her.

Web Site:  
Opponent: Carolyn Cliff
 , Bremerton, WA 98311
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