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Dovie Sigle


Kittitas County District Court

Lower Division

Paul SanderDovie Sigle is a Washington Native with a law degree from Seattle University School of Law and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Pacific Lutheran University. She is committed to Kittitas County, spending most of her 16 years as an attorney living, working, and raising her family here in Kittitas County. For the past decade as a private practice attorney focusing on criminal law, Dovie Sigle managed her own law firm, including budgeting, personnel management, and firm administration. Prior to private practice, she served as a Prosecutor in the Kittitas County Prosecutor's Office. Dovie Sigle has handled matters ranging from misdemeanor offenses such as minor intoxication and DUI all the way up to serious felony charges such as rape and assault. Working on both sides of the courtroom - prosecution and defense - and even serving as a Pro-Tem Judge, as well as representing clients in criminal, civil, and administrative matters, has provided insight and perspective necessary for this role. Dovie Sigle would be honored to serve as your next Lower Kittitas District Court Judge.

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Opponent: Paul Sander, Bremerton, WA
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