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Henry Rawson


Okanogan County Superior Court

Department 1

This race will be decided in the Primary Election.

Hank RawsonLegal/Judicial Experience: Law firms: Kelly Hancock, Inc. PS (6 yrs); Hancock, Rawson and Sloan, Inc. PS (5.5 yrs); Rawson & Weber (2 yrs) and Henry Rawson (solo 21.5 yrs); Judicial: Okanogan County District Court Judge (2011 to Present); Omak Municipal Judge (2003 to Present); City of Okanogan (7 yrs) and Town of Riverside (2 yrs)

Other Professional Experience: U. S District Court for Eastern Washington and Bankruptcy Court; Colville Tribal Court; Washington Court of Appeals (Div III); Washington Judicial College (2003 and 2011)

Education: Gonzaga University (1971) BBA in Public Accounting; Gonzaga University (1975) Juris Doctorate

Community Service: Rotary Club; Boy Scouts; Chamber of Commerce; Valley Orchestra/Chorus Board. See for complete biography.

Statement: The Superior Court Judge presides over cases having significant impact upon individuals before the court. Child Custody, Divorce, Person Injuries, Business Disputes, Real Property Disputes and Criminal cases are life altering to the persons appearing before the courts. Most cases are never appealed. So it is critical that Okanogan County has a judge with legal and judicial experience; who's hardworking; skilled in procedural fairness; and provides a neutral and unbiased forum for an orderly and rational resolution of disputes.

As an experienced District Court Judge and Municipal Judge along with my 35+ years as a practicing attorney, I have the experience and demonstrated skills required. My extensive experience in Divorce, Child Custody and Family Law; Probate and Guardianship; Real Estate; Personal Injury and Arbitration; Criminal Law at both the Superior and District Court level have prepared me well to serve the citizens of Okanogan County as a Superior Court Judge.

Further I have held numerous leadership roles along with extensive community involvement. Therefore I would respectfully ask the citizens of Okanogan County to vote for me, Henry "Hank' Rawson, for Superior Court Judge Position 1 on their ballot. For more information please view the following: and

Campaign Website:  
Opponent: Karl Sloan
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Finance report:

Henry Rawson 7/4/2012 $6,515.96
Personal Funds $500.00
Karl Sloan 7/4/2012 $10,440.93
Loans $4,000.00

 , P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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