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Alicia Nakata


Chelan County Superior Court

Department 3

Alicia NakataLegal/Judicial Experience: Judge Nakata is serving her 18th year as District Court Judge. Her judicial leadership positions include President of the District and Municipal Court Judges Association, the Board for Judicial Administration, the Trial Court Funding Taskforce, and two Washington Supreme Court Commissions: the Washington State Center for Court Research and Vice Chair, Gender and Justice Commission.

Other Professional Experience: Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor for Chelan County; Assistant City Attorney for Seattle; King Co. Public Defender.

Education: B.A., University of Washington; Juris Doctor, University of Texas

Community Service: Board of Trustees, Wenatchee Valley College; President Wenatchee YMCA; Faculty, Washington State Bar Leadership Institute; Chelan-Douglas Co. RSN; Rotary

Statement: Vote for Proven Judicial Experience. I am honored to be serving my 18th year as your District Court Judge, earning a reputation for holding people consistently accountable for their behavior, and as a fair and compassionate judge. A smart judge has the humility to be a careful listener and to treat all with respect and dignity. Many have complimented me for these judicial skills.

My record demonstrates my strong work ethic and dedication to finding cost effective solutions, proving my unwavering commitment to improving the delivery of justice. Our courts are increasingly required to innovate and do more with shrinking resources. In response, I established a mental health docket, a successful therapeutic alternative to costly jail stays for the mentally ill. As Vice Chair of a Supreme Court Commission, I exercised statewide leadership to improve community safety for our families by enhancing protection orders and the judicial response to domestic violence. It has been the greatest privilege to have a 30 year legal career devoted to serving the public which has allowed me to remain vigorous and passionate about fulfilling the constitutional promise of equal justice for all.

Endorsed by 6 Washington Supreme Court Justices including the Chief Justice!

Campaign web site: | Facebook  
Opponents: Travis Brandt, Ruth Esparza, Charles Steinberg

Finance report:

Travis Brandt 7/24/2012 $25,056.37
Personal Funds $11,400.00
Loans $2,600.00
Ruth Esparza 7/24/2012 $23,543.81
Loans $1,000.00
Alicia Nakata 7/24/2012 $22,960.56
Personal Funds $7,000.00
Loans $6,500.00
Charles Steinberg 7/24/2012 $17,936.91
Personal Funds $3,475.76
Loans $3,540.10

Media stories:
    July 20, 2012
Wenatchee World   Charles Steinberg: ‘The law is there to hold people accountable’
    July 19, 2012
Wenatchee World   Alicia Nakata: Campaigning to trade one robe for another
    July 18, 2012
Wenatchee World   Ruth Esparza: Hardship, hard work, high hopes for the bench
    July 17, 2012
Wenatchee World   Travis Brandt: Judge candidate feels ready for ‘awesome responsibility’
    July 14, 2012
Wenatchee World   Judge-race poll elevates Nakata, Brandt, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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