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Victor Minjares


Thurston County Superior Court

Department 2

Victor MinjaresLegal/Judicial Experience: Currently serves as district court judge pro tempore; and as Assistant Attorney General enforcing consumer financial protection laws. Over 20 years experience in civil and criminal courts.

Other Professional Experience: Spent over a decade prosecuting serious felonies and white-collar crimes. Counsel to manufacturing company. Served on board of neighborhood association; now a citizen advisor to the Coalition of Neighborhood Associations. Evaluated judicial candidates for bar association committees. Taught continuing legal education classes.

Education: Law, Stanford University. Undergraduate, Pomona College.

Community Service: Donor and volunteer supporter of Thurston County Food Bank, Washington State Historical Society, Family Support Center, Lincoln Options Elementary, Lakefair Parade, League of Women Voters.

Statement: Victor Minjares and his family live, work, vote, and volunteer in Thurston County. An Assistant Attorney General with years of service as a judge pro tempore in our district court, Victor is recognized by bar associations as well qualified to handle a wide variety of legal proceedings. He is, and will be, an excellent judge.

Victor protects consumers from financial fraud and abuse. He’s handled criminal, civil, and administrative cases in state and federal courts. He’s enforced open election laws, and been a neighborhood activist. He’s convicted dangerous criminals, but also been successful in freeing those wrongly accused of crimes. This shows Victor has a firm yet humane judicial philosophy, and is well suited for the bench.

While in school, Victor worked in factories, warehouses, and other blue-collar jobs. When he serves as a judge pro tempore, Victor draws on his broad life experience and uses the power entrusted to him wisely. If elected, the public can depend on Victor to be true to the rules of judicial conduct and ethics, to fairly apply the law, and to honor the sacred trust of public office.

Ethics. Experience. Perspective. Vote Victor Minjares for judge.

Campaign Website: | Facebook  
Opponents: Marie Clarke, Jim Johnson, Christine Schaller
Video forum:

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Joint Asian

Evaluation Committee
* * Well Qualified Exceptionally
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Latina/o Bar Ass'n
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Thurston County Bar Ass'n
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Finance report:

Marie Clarke 8/3/2012 $4,935.74
Personal Funds $4,500.00
Jim Johnson 8/3/2012 $7,959.30
Personal Funds $4,000.00
Victor Minjares 8/3/2012 $6,536.43
Loans $5,000.00
Christine Schaller 8/3/2012 $40,938.86
Personal Funds $20,124.74

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