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Keith Harper


Jefferson County Superior Court

Keith Harper

Legal/Judicial Experience: Private practice since 1980; past city attorney; past city prosecutor; Superior Court and District Court Judge Pro-Tem; Superior Court Commissioner since 2004. Twice President of the Jefferson County Bar Association.

Other Professional Experience: Various jobs during schooling.

Education: B.A., University of Washington, 1977. J.D., UPS Law School, 1979. Washington Courts’ Judicial College, 2005. Judicial Continuing Education since 2005.

Community Service: Kiwanis Club past President; Rhododendron Festival past Chairman; Victorian Homes Tour past Chairman; legal services to nonprofits; People’s Law School speaker; school classroom speaker; assisted PTHS Mock Trial program; youth basketball coach.

Statement: In 32 years of private law practice Keith Harper has had experience with nearly every area of the law. For the past 8 years he has also served as Superior Court Commissioner and Judge Pro-Tem, hearing all kinds of trials and hearings.

Keith is honest and fair, has integrity, listens patiently and works tirelessly. He is firm when necessary and compassionate when appropriate. Keith strongly believes that courts should demonstrate both the appearance of and actual procedural fairness. Parties and lawyers must have an opportunity to be heard by an unbiased judge; shown courtesy and respect; and be able to trust that the judge is of good character, has listened, and explains his or her decision in understandable terms. Keith Harper is committed to providing justice in that manner.

Keith, 58, has been married 34 years and has two grown children.

Harper is endorsed by former Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerry Alexander, present Superior Court Judge Crad Verser, former District Court Judge Mark Huth, former County Prosecutors Juelie Dalzell and John Raymond, attorneys and prior court commissioners Karen Gates Hildt, Harry Holloway, and Rick Shaneyfelt, former County Clerks Mary Norwood and Marianne Walters, and others.

Campaign Web Site:  
Opponents: Peggy Ann Bierbaum, Michael Haas


Finance report:

Peggy Ann Bierbaum 7/25/2012 $15,840.00
Personal Funds $5,500.00
Michael Haas 7/25/2012 $7,481.74
Personal Funds $100.00
Keith Harper 7/25/2012 $25,299.10
Loans $5,000.00

Media stories:
    July 13, 2012
Port Townsend Leader   County lawyers' poll rates Harper as best judicial candidate; some comments are blunt
Peninsula Daily News   Jefferson County bar group rates judicial candidates, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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