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Marianne Jones


King County Superior Court

Department 42

Marianne JonesLegal/Judicial Experience: 20 years experience representing thousands of legal issues to judges in State and Federal Trial Courts, State and Federal Appellate Courts, and Multiple State Supreme Courts. Pro Tem Judge in King County District Court. Served as King County Superior Court Arbitrator.

Other Professional Experience: Law firm owner representing hundreds of business litigation clients in consumer protection, real estate, land use, insurance bad faith, and constitutional issues. Washington State Bar Association Pro Bono Service Awards.

Education: JD, Seattle University, 1991: BA, University of Washington, 1988.

Community Service: Boys and Girls Club, Children’s Hospital, Hopelink, Lifespring, and multiple school PTSAs; recipient of Washington State PTSA Outstanding Advocate Award.

Statement: In my law practice for the past 20 years, I have fearlessly fought against the unjust actions of corporate giants, insurance companies, quasi-judicial governing bodies, local and state governments. I have fought with conviction against bias, gender, and racial discrimination perpetrated against those victimized. With tenacity and perseverance I have taken on controversial land use issues. I’ve accepted dozens of pro bono cases to help those who could not afford costly attorney’s fees.

Serving the public as a judge pro tem, I immediately felt comfortable on the bench. I listen to people before me, understand their circumstances, respectfully explain my application of the law to their issue, and do so efficiently and patiently. Both lawyers and litigants leave my courtroom knowing they have been treated fairly. My organizational skills, use of technological efficiencies, and implementation of clear expectations will produce an extremely well run courtroom.

I have been married for 23 years to Pacific Northwest Football Hall of Fame coach Pat Jones and enjoy our family.

With your vote, I’d like to continue my oath of upholding the law as written and to work hard to make our courts more accessible and more reflective of the communities we serve.

Campaign Web Site: | Facebook  
Opponents: Sue Parisien, David Ruzumna, Chris Washington
Questionnaire responses: For Municipal League of King County

Candidate ratings:

Cardozo Society * * * Qualified
King County
Bar Association
Not Qualified Qualified Qualified Well Qualified
Municipal League
of King County
Adequate Very Good Good Very Good
Q-Law: The GLBT
Bar Association of Washington
* * * Qualified
Seattle Metropolitan
Elections Committee
* * Recommended Recommended
Women Lawyers
* * Not Qualified Qualified

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Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

Seattle Times      
The Stranger      

Finance report:

Marianne Jones 8/3/2012 $25,039.04 $20,593.09
Sue Parisien 8/3/2012 $0.00 $0.00
David Ruzumna 8/3/2012 $16,039.99 $9,453.96
Chris Washington 8/3/2012 $32,752.00
Loans $10,000.00
$24,716.74, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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