Archived Version: August 7, 2012

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Vickie Churchill


Island County Superior Court

Department 2

This candidate will appear on the ballot without opposition.

Vickie ChurchillLegal/Judicial Experience: Elected in 1996, Vickie Churchill has served as Superior Court Judge for Island County since 1997.

Other Professional Experience: 2010 Washington State Bar Association's "Outstanding Judge" Award; President, Superior Court Judges' Association for Washington, 2007; Co-Chair of Board of Judicial Administration for Washington, 2008; current co-chair of SCJA's legislative committee; current member of Supreme Court's Gender & Justice Commission.

Education: University of Missouri, BJ 1969, cum laude; Seattle University School of Law, JD 1986, cum laude.

Community Service: No information submitted

Judge Churchill has served with honor and distinction as Island County Superior Court since 1997. She was instrumental in making significant improvements to Superior Court: Juvenile Detention Center; drug courts for juveniles, adults, and families; court facilitator program for indigent civil litigants; Community Accountability Boards; Teen Courts; mandatory parenting classes and mediation in family law cases.

Because of her involvement in statewide organizations, she helped pass the Family & Juvenile Court Improvement law, effective in 2008. She was successful in getting additional state funds for the Island County CASA program. Through her efforts with the state Justice in Jeopardy Initiative, the state began paying part of district court salaries, thus returning money to Island County.

Judge Churchill strives for excellence in her personal and professional life. She decides cases fairly, holds offenders accountable, and is highly respected as a judge. She has been consistent for her goals for Island County Superior Court: fair and effective administration of justice in all civil and criminal cases; respect for the dignity, equality and human rights of all persons; improvements to indigent civil litigants' access to the courts; commitment to effective court management; and appropriate staffing and support.

Email:, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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