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Mary Kay Becker


Washington Court of Appeals

Division I, District Three, Position 1

This candidate is running unopposed.

Mary Kay Becker

Legal/Judicial Experience: Court of Appeals Judge since 1994. Chief judge of Division One for two years; one year as presiding chief judge of the entire court. Attorney in private practice in Bellingham from 1984-1994.

Other Professional Experience: Legislator elected to represent 42nd District in Whatcom County for four terms, 1975-1983; Member of Whatcom County Council, 1984-85.

Education: Lake Quinault High School, 1962; B.A. Stanford University, 1966; B. Ed. Western Washington University, 1970; J.D., University of Washington School of Law, 1982.

Community Service: Judge Becker was a member of Washington’s first constitutional redistricting commission. She was a member of Western Washington University’s Board of Trustees from 1989-94.

Statement: Mary Kay Becker was born in Aberdeen, Washington and grew up working at her family’s business at Kalaloch. She has been a resident of Bellingham since 1969.

Judge Becker was first introduced to the practice of law as a paralegal for Northwest Washington Legal Services. In 1973 she co-authored "Superspill", a fictional account of a major oil spill on Puget Sound. As a member of the state House of Representatives she became particularly involved with legislation having to do with juvenile and adult sentencing, agriculture, environmental affairs, and budgeting for social services and institutions.

This year, Judge Becker is running unopposed. She thanks the voters for the opportunity to do the challenging and interesting work of the Court of Appeals.

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