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David Grant


Whatcom County Superior Court

Department 2

Dave GrantLegal/Judicial Experience: Judge, Whatcom County District Court, trial judge hearing criminal and civil trials since 2005. Presiding Judge responsible for overseeing court administration since 2009. Superior Court Elected Judge Pro Tempore since 2007. Deputy Prosecutor, Whatcom County Prosecutorís Office, 1986 Ė 2005, 12 years criminal trial prosecutor; 6 years civil attorney advising and litigating cases for elected officials, county departments, and the people of Whatcom County.

Other Professional Experience: Police Officer, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Education: Law Degree, University of Nebraska; Masterís Degree, Criminal Justice, Michigan State University; Bachelorís Degree, Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska.

Community Service: Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center; District & Municipal Court Judgesí Association; Washington Pilots Association.

Statement: Judge David Grant has been an outstanding District Court judge for over 7 years; appointed by the County Council and re-elected twice by citizens. He has presided over hundreds of criminal and civil trials. He developed new programs and procedures for District Court addressing domestic violence, mental health, mediation, and computerized access; all done within budget.

Judge Grant is uniquely qualified to preside over Superior Court cases from day one. As a prosecutor, he spent 18 years practicing law in trial and appellate courts, including the Washington Supreme Court. He is experienced in land use, industrial permitting, and environmental laws. He is experienced in weighing the individual liberty and community safety interests at stake in criminal trials. Being a trial judge, he knows civil law and litigation.

Judge Grant values and protects our rights and liberties, and is committed to upholding our laws and Constitution. He brings to court fairness, common sense, and respect for the rule of law and for all people. Grant is a proven, hardworking, and impartial judge. He would be honored to have your vote.

Judge Grantís endorsements include: Judges Moynihan, Swedberg, Elich, Lewis, Bobbink; Attorney General McKenna; Prosecutor McEachran; Public Defenders; Sheriff Elfo; Police Chiefs.

Campaign Web  
Opponent: Deborra Garrett

Finance report:

Deborra Garrett 10/14/2012 $81,672.93
Personal Funds $30.00
David Grant 10/14/2012 $38,516.85
Personal Funds $8,100.00

Media stories:
    August 16, 2012
Bellingham Herald   Judicial candidate Garrett drew support from liberal areas, Grant from conservative ones
    August 8, 2012
Bellingham Herald   Whatcom judge candidates Garrett, Grant to move on to general election
    July 13, 2012
Bellingham Herald   Candidates for Whatcom County judge talk about experience, but not personal opinions
    May 20, 2012
Bellingham Herald   Political strategist questions lack of women on Whatcom County Suprerior Court bench, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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