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Rico Tessandore


Snohomish County Superior Court

Position Two

Rico Tessandore

Candidate Statement:

OUR BEST CHOICE FOR JUDGE: Rico has real judicial experience and a record of protecting the people of Snohomish County. Rico serves as a Superior Court Pro Tem Judge and a Pro Tem Judge in every district court in the county. Judges place their trust in Rico to serve fairly, impartially, and with integrity. We, the voters, can do the same.

PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS: Rico brought thousands of criminals to justice as Deputy Prosecutor. Assigned to the Special Victims Unit, Rico protected children and the elderly, and ensured justice was done. Today, Rico defends families and small businesses in civil lawsuits.

LEADING OUR COMMUNITY: Rico is the President of our County Bar Association, entrusted with this office by fellow attorneys because of his commitment to the law and his belief in public service. He serves on the Sno-Isle Library Board of Trustees and mentors law students.

MOST WIDELY ENDORSED: Court of Appeals Judge Dwyer, Snohomish County Judges Appel, Krese, Kurtz, Weiss, Bui, Lyon, Clough; Attorney General Rob McKenna; Sheriff Rick Bart, ret.; former U.S. Senator Slade Gorton; Senators Hobbs, Shin, Schmidt, ret.; Representative Dunshee, Sinclair; Mayors Lamb, Little, Marine, Ryan; Prosecutors for cities of Everett, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Marysville.

Official web site: Facebook Page  
Opponents: David Hulbert, Scott Lord, Scott Peterson, and Joe Wilson.
Candidate ratings:

County Bar
Joint Asian
Judicial Evaluation

Bar Association
of Washington
Women Lawyers
David Hulbert 160 pts * * *
Scott Lord 226 pts * * *
Scott Peterson 65 pts * * *
Rico Tessandore 388 pts Qualified Well Qualified Well Qualified
Joe Wilson 283 pts * *  

Important note! Each of these organizations uses its own standards and rating terms when evaluating candidates; please check their pages for further information. We do not have ratings for candidates with an asterisk (*), and the reasons vary. Some evaluations may still be in process, or we might not have received them yet; some candidates may not have been offered an opportunity to participate, or they may have declined to participate. Again, please check the organizations' pages for further details.


Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

CANDIDATE Everett Herald
David Hulbert  
Scott Lord  
Scott Peterson  
Rico Tessandore  
Joe Wilson

New Page 1 Finance report:
David Hulbert 11/02/2009 $10,548.03 $9,418.74
Scott Lord 11/02/2009 $0.00 $0.00
Scott Peterson 11/02/2009 $0.00 $0.00
Rico Tessandore 11/02/2009 $69,829.50
(Personal Funds $10,000.00)
Joe Wilson 11/02/2009 $79,529.84
(Personal Funds $20,000.00)

Media stories:
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    October 17, 2009
Everett Herald   Judge candidate's web site wrong in voter pamphlet
    October 6, 2009
Stanwood/Camano News   Five vie for judge seat
    September 17, 2009
Everett Herald   Superior Court candidates in forum Sept. 30
    September 11, 2009
Tacoma News Tribune   Washington judicial candidate mistaken for SC rep
    August 22, 2009
Everett Herald   Candidates vie for spots on port, court, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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