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Michael Bond


Washington Supreme Court

Position Three

This race will be decided in the Primary Election.

Michael Bond

Current Occupation/Employer: Partner in Gardner Bond Trabolsi, a firm of 8 lawyers.

Education: Graduate of Gonzaga University Law School, 1978; Masters in Law, Sustainable International Development, University of Washington Law School, 2004.

Legal/Judicial Experience: 28+ years experience in trials, arbitrations, and appellate work, starting as Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps; Fellow in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Family: Happily married to Marianne Bond since 1976, two teenage children.

Significant Career Experience: Cases throughout Washington in 23 of our county courts, 3 federal courts, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 2 bankruptcy courts, administrative agencies, all three divisions of our Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Candidate Statement: The courts are where our citizens go to seek justice. I have spent over 28 years in court helping people with real problems from all walks of life who seek justice. Since 1997 Iíve helped run my own small business, and we provide our employees a good place to work with excellent benefits.

Over the years, Iíve learned that the most important role of the courts is to protect the people from the power of government and the vested interests. To fulfill that responsibility, a judge should have a broad range of experience in and outside the law, clearly understand the difference between serving as judge and serving as legislator, and possess the courage to speak truth to power.

Our State Constitution established a government of limited power, but in too many opinions the incumbent voted to increase government power by approving government secrecy over public records; and she voted in ways that trample on our constitutional rights, overruling property rights, reducing privacy rights, and censoring free speech. Learn more about my views at

We elect our judges and they remain accountable to the people. Preserve our liberty, vote Michael J. Bond for Justice.

Official web site:  
Opponent: Mary Fairhurst  
Questionnaire responses: For King County Bar Association
For King County Democrats
For Municipal League of King County
Streaming video: For Position 3
Candidate ratings:

Joint Asian
Judicial Evaluation Committee
* Exceptionally
Well Qualified
King County Bar Association Qualified Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Latina/o Bar Association
of Washington
* Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Loren Miller Bar Association Qualified Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Municipal League
of King County
Very Good Outstanding
GLBT Bar Association of Washington
* Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Washington Association of
Prosecuting Attorneys
Not Qualified Qualified
Washington Women Lawyers * Exceptionally
Well Qualified

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Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

Everett Herald  
Kitsap Sun  
The Olympian  
Seattle P-I  
Seattle Times  
Spokane Spokesman-Review  
The Stranger  
Tacoma News-Tribune  
Tri-City Herald  
Vancouver Columbian  
Yakima Herald-Republic  

Finance report:

(Click a dollar figure for detailed data from the Public Disclosure Commission. Note that summary numbers here might not match detailed data for various reasons.)

Michael Bond 08/13/2008 $33,139.12 $24,696.46
Mary Fairhurst 08/13/2008 $184,980.18 $160,946.98

Media stories:
    August 12, 2008
Seattle Times   Decision could be quick in state Supreme Court races
    August 10, 2008
The Olympian   Campaign trail for August 10
    August 4, 2008
The Olympian   It's still a race for 2 spots on top court
    August 3, 2008
Everett Herald   Unlike 2006, state Supreme Court primary gets little attention from interest groups
    July 27, 2008
Yakima Herald   [Opinion] After observing RI, electing judges seems like a sound idea
    July 22, 2008
Tri-City Herald   Attorney aims to unseat incumbent justice
    June 11, 2008
Seattle P-I   Court contenders vow fair fight
    June 3, 2008
The Olympian   Two state justices plan fair re-runs
    May 25, 2008
Tacoma News Tribune   Growing rancor a chilling effect on court races
    April 12, 2008
Columbia Basin Herald   State Supreme Court justice addresses Rotary
    April 7, 2008
Seattle Times   WA Justice Fairhurst seeks another high court term
The Olympian   Few step up to challenge seated justices
    March 30, 2008
Seattle Times   [Editorial] The highest court merits a deep field

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