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Joint Asian
Judicial Evaluations Committee



Created in July 2006, the Joint Asian Judicial Evaluations Committee (JAJEC) includes members from the Asian Bar Association of Washington, the Korean American Bar Association, the South Asian Bar Association, and the Vietnamese American Bar Association.

The JAJEC was created in part to ensure that judicial candidates are aware of and consider the issues important to the Asian Specialty Bars. All of our ratings are available to the public to educate voters of those candidates who meet the qualifications to serve on the judiciary as defined by the Asian Specialty Bars.

WHAT THE JAJEC RATINGS MEAN: JAJEC does not endorse candidates for judicial office. Rather, JAJEC evaluates candidates by providing the public with our ratings.

Candidates may be rated as follows: A candidate may be rated exceptionally well qualified (EWQ), well qualified (WQ), qualified (Q), or not qualified (NQ) based on various factors including his or her integrity, fairness, legal ability, and demonstrated commitment to equal justice. The JEC chair notifies the Applicant of the rating within two days by phone or mail. This rating is valid for three years. Although the rating is made public, all information disclosed by the Applicant or the Applicant’s references and all discussions of the Committee are kept confidential.



Joint Asian Judicial Evaluations Committee

Current Ratings
(Ratings Expire in 3 years)

Name Court Rating Expires
Susan Amini King Superior Court Q 12/21/2010
George Appel Snohomish Superior Court WQ 10/31/2010
Tim Bradshaw King Superior Court WQ 11/29/2010
Regina Cahan King Superior Court EWQ 01/24/2011
Nic Corning King Superior Court EWQ 09/26/2010
Ann Danieli King Superior Court WQ 07/30/2011
Mary Fairhurst Washington Supreme Court EWQ 05/12/2011
Randall Gaylord San Juan Superior Court WQ 06/26/2010
Rebeccah Graham King Superior Court WQ 06/26/2010
Robin Hunt Court of Appeals, Div II EWQ 05/12/2011
Jim Johanson Snohomish Superior Court Q 05/12/2011
Charles Johnson Washington Supreme Court EWQ 05/12/2011
Kevin Korsmo Court of Appeals, Div III WQ 03/22/2010
John Linde San Juan Superior Court EWQ 11/29/2010
Eric Lucas Snohomish Superior Court EWQ 7/25/2011
Barbara Mack King Superior Court WQ 01/24/2011
Les Ponomarchuk King Superior Court EWQ 06/16/2011
Jean Rietschel King Superior Court EWQ 11/29/2010
Mariane Spearman King Superior Court EWQ 03/27/2011
Debra Stephens Washington Supreme Court EWQ 05/12/2011


For more information: JAJEC Judicial Ratings, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
Write to

As the election approaches, will include ratings and endorsements from numerous organizations. We provide this information so that voters will be better informed about the candidates. We do not rate or endorse any candidates; the ratings and endorsements of organizations included at this site reflect the views of those individual organizations and not necessarily the views of or its sponsors.