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Greg Weber


Spokane County Superior Court

Position One

Greg Weber

Current Occupation/Employer: Solo Practitioner

Education: - Washington State University Graduate - Gonzaga School of Law Graduate, Magna Cum Laude

Legal/Judicial Experience: - Over ten years of prosecutorial experience, both as a county prosecutor and a leader in the Washington Attorney Generalís Office - Judge Pro Tem in Grant County Superior Court and Pierce County District Court

Family: - Wife: Michelle Ressa Weber - Children: Conor and Ryan - Mother: Betty Weber

Significant Career Experience: - Successfully prosecuted Sexually Violent Predators - Recaptured millions of taxpayer dollars as a leader of a special Medicaid fraud control unit - Three special commendations from the Attorney General for his outstanding work

Candidate Statement: Greg Weber was born and raised in Spokane, graduating from Washington State University and magna cum laude from Gonzaga School of Law. His wife, Michelle Ressa Weber, is also from Spokane, they have two boys.

Greg Weber has successfully prosecuted many complex criminal cases. He has worked both as a county prosecutor and a leader in the Washington Attorney Generalís office. Greg has prosecuted complex murder cases, sexually violent predators, and recaptured millions of taxpayer dollars from prosecutions as a leader of a special Medicaid fraud unit. He received three special commendations from the Attorney General for his outstanding work. Greg Weber has prosecuted in nearly all 39 counties in Washington.

Greg is endorsed by several elected Eastern Washington Prosecutors, including Gary Reisen, Chelan County, Karl Sloan, Okanogan County and Tim Oíneill, Klickitat County, as well as other attorneys, law enforcement officers and citizensí state wide.

Greg believes a fair and consistent justice system is vital to our nation and our local community. Greg has the knowledge, experience and skills to competently decide complicated and emotional issues and will treat all cases in the courtroom fairly, consistently and firmly. Please join neighbors, friends, and leaders: Vote for Greg Weber.

Official web site:  
Opponents: Annette Plese and Mark Vovos
Documents: Spokane County Bar Association Biography

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Finance report:

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Annette Plese 08/13/2008 $66,473.44 $66,050.56
Mark Vovos 08/13/2008 $56,804.56 $52,941.12
Greg Weber 08/13/2008 $18,316.51 $17,864.26

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    July 18, 2008
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    April 22, 2008
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    March 14, 2008
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