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Vic VanderSchoor


Benton & Franklin County
Superior Court

Position Five

This race will be decided in the Primary Election.

Vic VanderSchoorCurrent Occupation/Employer: Superior Court Judge for Benton and Franklin counties since 1997.

Legal/Judicial Experience: Legal: Admitted to Bar 1979. Private practice attorney for 17 years with work in family, civil and criminal law. Judicial: Franklin County District Court Commissioner for 11 years, Judge Pro Tem, Hearing officer DOE, Benton/Franklin Counties Superior Court Judge for 11 years. Currently the Administrative Presiding Judge.

Significant Career experience: Active member of the community Legal aid board member, Rotary and Exchange Clubs, Leadership Tri-Cities.

Education: Eastern Washington University; University of Washington School of Law.

Family: Married 33 years to Gail, three daughters and one granddaughter.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: My 17 year legal career included substantial courtroom and trial experience in Superior Court in areas including family, criminal and civil law. I soon discovered, by serving as judge pro-tem in District and Municipal Courts and as District Court Commissioner, that I enjoyed the challenges and rewards of judicial service. For nearly 12 years, I have had the privilege and honor of serving as a Benton / Franklin Counties Superior Court Judge. I am currently the Administrative Presiding Judge for our jurisdiction. I still have the same enthusiasm for my job now as I did when I began.

I continue to believe that every citizen is entitled to legal counsel, and I actively participate as a board member of our counties' Legal Aid Society. Participants in our courts deserve a judge who is prepared, knowledgeable and fair. Judges inherently have the power to impact the lives of those who appear before them and I try to acknowledge this by always attempting to be courteous, attentive and patient to all. I maintain an active role in my community, believing Judges should not become isolated from those they serve. I look forward to continuing in this fulfilling career.

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Opponent: Bob Thompson
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Tri-City Herald  

Finance report:

Vic VanderSchoor 08/13/2008 $30,000.00 $29,987.31

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    August 11, 2008
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    August 3, 2008
Tri-City Herald   Bar association weighs in on judicial race
    July 20, 2008
Tri-City Herald   Candidates invited to Benton City debate
    June 7, 2008
Tri-City Herald   Richland attorney files to run against VanderSchoor, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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