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Bob Thompson


Benton & Franklin County
Superior Court

Position Five

This race will be decided in the Primary Election.

Bob Thompson

Current Occupation/Employer: Private practice attorney; Richland City Councilman

Education: Juris Doctorate, Williamette University College of Law; BA, Washington State University

Legal/Judicial Experience: Admitted to practice 1982, Member of Washington State Bar Association and the Federal District Courts. District Court funding committee; Pro-tem Judge; Law and Justice sub-committee on governance and finance. My practice includes municipal, civil, criminal and appellate law.

Family: My wife, Trish, and I have 4 children.

Significant Career Experience: Richland City Council, Richland-Kennewick Council's sub-committee; Member of Ben-Franklin Transit Board; past Girl Scout Trustee; past National Chairman: Energy Communities Alliance; past chairman: Benton-Franklin Health District, Hanford Communities, Dial Help.

Candidate Statement: Holding public office is a privilege. I possess the integrity and work ethic to foster respect for the judicial branch of government. Too often judges can lose sight of their responsibilities to the community to enforce the laws, not create policy -- when this happens, trust in our institutions is jeopardized. Judicial decisions should apply the rule of law, not personal ideologies.

I am committed to public service as demonstrated by fourteen years on the Richland City Council -- four as Mayor. During that time Richland has changed its procedures, creating a culture of openness and public trust in local government decision making. To ensure my independence, I have never accepted campaign donations.

Building a better community is an obligation all citizens can strive to engage in. Having experience as a legislator and an executive, strengthens my ability to serve the citizens in the role of judge. My over 25 years of legal experience ensures my ability to use sound judgment in making decisions that impact citizens' lives. I pledge to be fair and balanced to all who appear before me, regardless of race, gender or class.

I wish to express my gratitude to all for their consideration of my candidacy.

Official web site:  
Opponent: Vic VanderSchoor
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Tri-City Herald  

Finance report:

Vic VanderSchoor 08/13/2008 $30,000.00 $29,987.31

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    August 11, 2008
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    August 3, 2008
Tri-City Herald   Bar association weighs in on judicial race
    July 20, 2008
Tri-City Herald   Candidates invited to Benton City debate
    June 7, 2008
Tri-City Herald   Richland attorney files to run against VanderSchoor, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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