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Bruce Spanner


Benton & Franklin County
Superior Court

Position One

Bruce SpannerCurrent Employer: Partner in law firm of Miller, Mertens, Spanner & Comfort.

Judicial Experience: Judge Pro Tem of Benton Franklin Superior Court and Benton County District Court, arbitrator, mediator.

Significant Career Experience: In 23 years Bruce developed broad and diverse expertise in many areas of the law. Clients range from individuals, small businesses, large corporations, pro bono work. He has appeared before the Washington State Supreme Court, and Courts of Appeal, federal courts and many Washington State agencies.

Education: Gonzaga Law School, second in his class; WSU, Chemical Engineering and Richland High School.

Family: Married 30 years to Mary; daughter, Meghan, son, Patrick.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Bruce Spanner, local attorney and life-long resident of Tri-Cities, has the legal experience and the passion for service to the community to be an excellent Benton Franklin Counties Superior Court Judge.

His experience includes serving as Judge Pro Tem of Superior Court and District Court and 23 years as an attorney has provided him a broad and diverse background on a wide variety of legal issues. His representation of individuals, small businesses and large corporations, has given him a balanced perspective. Bruce has devoted countless volunteer hours providing pro bono legal work to underprivileged individuals and nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity as well as lending a helping hand and providing leadership as a board member.

His vast legal background combined with his years of community service and devotion to family gives him life experiences that ensures he will be a hard working, well prepared and effective judge. He will treat all litigants with respect, understanding the importance of their issues. Bruce believes that a Judge’s duty is to uphold the law fairly, and not to legislate a personal agenda.

Spanner graduated from Gonzaga Law School second in his class, Washington State University and Richland High School.

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Opponent: Salvador Mendoza and Jerri Potts
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Finance report:

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Salvador Mendoza 08/13/2008 $73,719.70 $64,847.83
Jerri Potts 08/13/2008 $18,544.93 $16.911.14
Bruce Spanner 08/13/2008 $43,655.36 $42,414.45

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