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Charles Williams


Thurston County Superior Court

Position Three

Charles Williams

Legal/Judicial Experience: In my 27-year career as a lawyer, I have worked in every level of court from municipal court to the state supreme court. I have settled thousands of cases and conducted hundreds of contested hearings, jury trials and appeals. I have defended major felony cases, prosecuted personal-injury, malpractice and business claims, and litigated child-custody disputes. I sit as a pro tem (substitute) district-court judge deciding small-claim, misdemeanor and anti-harassment cases. I served as a pro tem juvenile-court judge for six years. I was a state civil-service administrative-law judge for four years.

Candidate Statement: As a judicial officer, I know that there is no justice if the voices of children or victims go unheard. There is no justice if court procedures are unintelligible to you or if your trial is postponed without good cause. There is no justice if your judge discriminates against you or favors a special-interest group. Access, timeliness and fairness define justice. Achieving justice requires more than judging. It requires the cooperative management of the courthouse by judges.

Judge Kip Stilz: “Our next Superior Court Judge should be a person with both a deep knowledge of the law and a steady vision of justice. That person is Charles Williams.” Judge Carol Fuller (ret.): “Charles is an outstanding attorney. I predict his performance will be equally exceptional as a judge.” Justice Richard Sanders: “Charles has exactly those personal qualities that we expect and need from our judges—intelligence, integrity and independence.” Justice Robert Utter (ret.): “Charles is a superb lawyer and human being. He is decisive and community oriented.”

Named 2007 “Lawyer of the Year” by Thurston County Bar Association for professional and community service. For endorsements, see

Official web site:  
Opponent: Carol Murphy
Candidate ratings:

Thurston County
Bar Association
(Membership Poll)
106 Members 54 Members


Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

The Olympian  

Finance report:

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Carol Murphy 08/13/2008 $29,021.76 $23,722.02
Charles Williams 08/13/2008 $47,744.62 $38,186.28

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