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Thurston County


Washington Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices are elected to six-year terms by voters throughout the entire state. There are nine Supreme Court justices, and Washington residents will vote for three in 2008.

Supreme Court candidates appear on the primary election ballot on August 19, 2008. If a candidate receives more than 50% of the votes cast in the primary, that candidate appears on the general election ballot without opposition. If no candidate receives more than 50% in the primary, the top two candidates appear on the general election ballot on November 4, 2008.

Position Three: Michael Bond is running against the incumbent, Mary Fairhurst. This race will be decided in the primary election.

Michael Bond

Michael Bond


Mary Fairhurst

Mary Fairhurst

Position Four: Jim Beecher and Frank Vulliet are running against the incumbent, Charles Johnson.
Jim Beecher

Jim Beecher

Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson

Frank Vulliet

Frank Vulliet

Position Seven: Debra Stephens is running for re-election without opposition.

Debra Stephens

Debra Stephens



Court of Appeals


Division Two, District Two

Tim Ford is running against the incumbent, Robin Hunt. This race will be decided in the primary election.


Tim Ford

Tim Ford


Robin Hunt


Superior Court

Superior Court judges are elected to four-year terms. All Superior Court positions throughout Washington are up for election in 2008.

If only one candidate runs for an office in a county with a population of more than 100,000, that candidate receives a Certificate of Election, and the position will not appear on either the primary or the general election ballot. If there are two or more candidates for a position, the office will appear on the August 19 primary ballot.

The following positions are contested (incumbent judges in bold):

Dep't 3 Carol Murphy, Charles Williams
Dep't 7 Ed Holm, Gary Tabor

No candidates filed against the following incumbent judges, and under Washington law, they are therefore entitled to Certificates of Election. These positions will not appear on the primary or general election ballot.

Dep't 1 Chris Wickham
Dep't 2 Paula Casey
Dep't 4 Tom McPhee
Dep't 5 Richard Hicks
Dep't 6 Christine Pomeroy
Dep't 8 Anne Hirsch

District Court

District Court judges are elected to four-year terms; they were elected in 2006, and their terms extend through the end of 2010. Some positions may appear on the 2008 ballot.

Judge C.L. "Kip" Stilz died in June, leaving a vacancy in the District Court.

There was a special 3-day filing period for this position, on July 8-10, and 12 candidates filed: William Bayness, Jodi Erikson-Muldrew, Jim Foley, Bill Gilbert, Lynn Hayes, Sans Gilmore, Phil Kratz, Sam Meyer, Jamie Moore, Laura Murphy, Greg Rosen, and Ken Valz.

This election will not be on the primary ballot; instead, all candidates will appear on the November general election ballot, and the candidate who receives the most votes at that time will be elected., P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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