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Michael Hecht


Pierce County Superior Court

Position Nine

This race will be decided in the Primary Election.

Michael Hecht

Current Occupation/Employer: Attorney

Education: Masterís in education; law degree UPS School of Law; Guardian ad Litem training.

Legal/Judicial Experience: Represented the people of Pierce County for 19 years with a variety of legal problems: domestic relations, business and criminal litigation. My real life experiences as a home builder therapist for Catholic Community Services, legal background, 36 year marriage, raising three children and now a grandfather provide the well-rounded and common sense approach that I will use to make good decisions.

Family: Married 36 years to Marie; children Ė David, Landen and Dori, son-in-law Richard Aho, grandson, Aiden and dog, George.

Candidate Statement: It is degrading to the court when lawyers complain about Judges who do not know the law, cannot understand basic legal concepts, appear disrespectful, biased and punitive. Every person knows that they are entitled to their day in court. However, this day in court is meaningless if the judge is not fair. Pierce County cannot afford four more years of this. Letís get it right this time. August 19th elect Hecht Judge. Cases will be decided on the law not personal bias. Justice must be blind not deaf and dumb. Litigation has a financial and emotional toll on families and children. A Judge who takes cases when he knows there is a conflict of interest is not acceptable. Knowledge of the law is paramount to upholding the rule of law. Attention to getting it right, objectivity, respect for law enforcement, families, children and respect for cultural diversity must be restored to this court. It is time for change and I say to the voters you will not be embarrassed by my decisions or my judicial temperament. Go to and you will know I should be elected as Superior Court Judge.

Official web site:  
Opponent: Sergio Armijo

Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

Tacoma News-Tribune  

Finance report:

Sergio Armijo 08/13/2008 $45,627.00 $38,687.03
Michael Hecht 08/13/2008 $4,738.37 $7,447.55

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