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Bruce Danielson


Kitsap County Superior Court

Position One

Bruce DanielsonEDUCATION: BA Wichita State University; JD University of Kansas.

OCCUPATION/CURRENT EMPLOYER: Attorney, Danielson Law Office P.S., Inc.

FAMILY: Wife Kris; our wonderful daughter, Leta; and family pets.

LEGAL/JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE: 24 years of trial experience representing individuals and businesses in numerous counties in the Superior Courts. Admitted and practiced in United States Eastern and Western District Courts; U.S. Bankruptcy Court of Washington; Court Appointed Arbitrator and Guardian Ad Litem.

SIGNIFICANT CAREER EXPERIENCE: Prior to law school, my work experience included laborer, management, and business owner. My career experience, outside the law, enhances my legal qualifications in understanding the positions of the citizens who will stand before me in court.

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Court decisions impact all of our lives. A misconception is our courts deal mainly with criminal cases. Criminal cases are less than 20% of all cases filed with the Superior Court. The majority of the other cases are civil and domestic. I am the only candidate whose legal career experience encompasses all areas of law heard by the Superior Court. When a Judge comes to the bench with a diverse working knowledge of the law it benefits the entire judicial system. The judiciary needs to take an active role ensuring our community feels safe and secure. Judges have discretion within sentencing guidelines. Sentencing should never be "one-size fits all". Cases must be ruled on their merits, utilizing applicable law, common sense, and judicial independence. A judge's role is to faithfully apply the law as written and not impose their will or legislate from the bench. I am endorsed by citizens and diverse community groups including Kitsap County Sherriff's Guild, Farm Bureau, and the Kitsap Association of Realtors. I am honored that the people we trust to protect our families and represent our community trust me to uphold our laws as the next Superior Court Judge.

Official web site:  
Opponents: Jeanette Dalton and Greg Wall  
Questionnaire response: For Kitsap Sun

Candidate ratings:

Kitsap County
Bar Association
(Membership Poll)
1st Choice: 15
2nd Choice: 36
1st Choice: 1
2nd Choice: 7
1st Choice: 47
2nd Choice: 14
Women Lawyers
Well Qualified * Well Qualified

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Kitsap Sun    

New Page 1 Finance report:

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Jeanette Dalton 08/13/2008 $72,042.96 $68,139.42
Bruce Danielson 08/13/2008 $17,653.11 $16,743.70
Greg Wall 08/13/2008 $45,825.06 $43,287.68

Media stories:
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Port Orchard
  [Opinion] The leaker, not Danielson, was the real loser
    August 5, 2008
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    July 9, 2008
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  [Opinion] Thoughts on Kitsap County: Judicial integrity, SEED analysis and toll honesty
    July 3, 2008
Port Orchard
  Judge candidate Danielson eschews attorney donations
    June 10, 2008
Port Orchard
  Judge candidates make their case to Kitsap Bar
    May 28, 2008
Kitsap Sun   Three lawyers now vying for Superior Court seat
    March 4, 2008
Kitsap Sun   Costello to step down from Superior Court bench, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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