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Joseph Wilson


Snohomish County Superior Court

Position Six

Joe Wilson

Current Occupation/Employer: Attorney, specializing in complex civil and criminal cases protecting the rights of individuals and families.

Education: Gonzaga University BA Philosophy; Gonzaga Law School, JD

Legal/Judicial Experience: • 15 year legal career • Appellate and Supreme Court experience • Judge Pro Tem, District Courts • Snohomish PUD hearing examiner

Family: Joe was raised and educated in Everett where he lives with wife Cecilia and sons John and Peter. Joe’s father was the late Judge John F. Wilson.

Significant Career Experience: • Snohomish County Center for Battered Women board member, former president • Dawson place feasibility committee member • Guardian ad litem for vulnerable children • Snohomish County legal services, volunteer

Candidate Statement: Joe Wilson is an experienced and respected attorney with deep roots in our community and proven compassion for crime victims and their families. Joe is honored to be endorsed by retiring Judge Richard Thorpe.

Uniquely Qualified - Joe Wilson has a proven record of handling complex criminal and civil cases – the broadest experience of any candidate. Joe has successfully argued cases in the Appeals Court and has two published opinions in the Supreme Court.

Joe serves as a Snohomish County Legal Services volunteer and long-time board member of Snohomish County Center for Battered Women.

A court-appointed guardian for minors and Dawson Place committee member, Joe speaks for vulnerable children.

Widely Endorsed - Sheriff John Lovick; Police Chief Jim Scharf; Justices: Debra Stephens, Phil Talmadge, ret.; Snohomish County Judges: Thorpe, Castleberry, McKeeman, Cowsert, Farris, Allendoerfer, Kurtz, Weiss, Downes, Lucas, Trumbull, ret., McRae, Wisman, Fair, O’Dell, Gillings; County Council members Somers, Gossett; former Executive Bob Drewel; former Sheriff Rick Bart; Clerk Sonya Kraski; Assessor Cindy Portmann; Treasurer Kirke Sievers; State Senators Shin, Wood, ret.; Representatives O’Brien, Chase, Dunshee, Sells; Snohomish County Democrats; Phil Sullivan, Peter Jackson, Mary Lou Block, Connie Niva; Lyle Ryan. Endorsed by many other leaders you trust:

Official web site:  
Opponents: George Appel and Jim Johanson
Candidate ratings:

Joint Asian
Judicial Evaluation
Well Qualified Qualified *
Latina/o Bar Association
of Washington
Qualified Qualified *
Loren Miller
Bar Association
Well Qualified Qualified *
GLBT Bar Assocation of Washington
Well Qualified Not Qualified *
Snohomish County
Bar Association
(Membership Poll)
407 pts. 304 pts. 375 pts.
Women Lawyers
Well Qualified Unqualified *

Important note! Each of these organizations uses its own standards and rating terms when evaluating candidates; please check their pages for further information. We do not have ratings for candidates with an asterisk (*), and the reasons vary. Some evaluations may still be in process, or we might not have received them yet; some candidates may not have been offered an opportunity to participate, or they may have declined to participate. Again, please check the organizations' pages for further details..


 Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

Everett Herald    
Stanwood/Camano News    

Finance report:

(Click a dollar figure for detailed data from the Public Disclosure Commission. Note that summary numbers here might not match detailed data for various reasons.)

George Appel 08/13/2008 $87,972.38 $82,261.94
Jim Johanson 08/13/2008 $126,149.02 $123,542.85
Joseph Wilson 08/13/2008 $85,976.61 $64,397.10

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    April 26, 2008
Everett Herald   Political FYI: Edmonds attorney kicks off campaign for judge, P.O. Box 1460, Silverdale, WA  98383
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