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Jim Foley


Thurston County District Court

Position Two

Jim FoleyJudge Pro Tem Jim Foley, having represented hundreds of folks just like you, for over eighteen years as an attorney, is the best choice for District Court Judge. He understands that voters want an experienced Judge who is intelligent, non-partisan and fair-minded; a judge who knows when people need to be held accountable. The father of three children, all raised in Olympia, Judge Pro Tem Foley is aware of the needs and challenges within our community. As he says, “if you come before me deserving a break… you’ll get it; but if you come in need of a wake-up call…you’ll get that too”. Allow Judge Pro Tem Foley to continue to serve the people of Thurston County as District Court Judge Foley. He is wise and knowledgeable while being compassionate and even-handed. Jim Foley is the right choice for District Court Judge.

Official web site:  
Opponents: William Bayness, Jodi Erikson-Muldrew, Bill Gilbert, Lynn Hayes, Sans Gilmore, Phil Kratz, Sam Meyer, Jamie Moore, Laura Murphy, Greg Rosen, and Ken Valz.
Candidate ratings:

William Bayness 0 *
Jodilyn Erickson-Muldrew 14 *
Jim Foley 1 *
Bill Gilbert 4 *
Sans Gilmore 5 *
Lynn Hayes 5 *
Phil Kratz 10 Well Qualified
Sam Meyer 74 Exceptionally
Well Qualified
Jamie Moore 17 Well Qualified
Laura Murphy 3 *
Greg Rosen 15 *
Ken Valz 14 *


Newspaper endorsements (click paper for details):

The Olympian SAM MEYER

Finance report:

(Click a dollar figure for detailed data from the Public Disclosure Commission. Note that summary numbers here might not match detailed data for various reasons.)

William Bayness 11/03/2008 $3,214.01 $2,107.16
Jodi Erikson-Muldrew 11/03/2008 $16,894.79 $13,721.89
William Gilbert 11/03/2008 $10,445.29 $10,018.95
Sans Gilmore 11/03/2008 $3,442,32 $1,342.32
Sam Meyer 11/03/2008 $31,359.01 $30,957.89
Jamie Moore 11/03/2008 $30,296.92 $28,368.05
Laura Murphy 11/03/2008 $18,101.16 $14,861.76
Greg Rosen 11/03/2008 $16,645.61 $16,964.46
Ken Valz 11/03/2008 $13,110.69 $11,641.91

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