General Election: November 8, 2022

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VotingforJudges is a nonpartisan, impartial source of information about judicial elections in the state of Washington. The site was established in 2006 to provide information to voters in connection with the appellate judicial contests that year, and it has expanded to cover all judicial elections throughout the state. All of Washington's 2022 judicial elections will be reported.


There will be judicial elections in 2022 for the Washington Supreme Court, Washington Court of Appeals, and all county District Courts.

Washington Supreme Court: Three out of nine incumbents are up for election this year. Justices Barbara Madsen, G. Helen Whitener, and Mary I. Yu are running unopposed.

Court of Appeals: There will be judicial elections in two of the three divisions of the Washington Court of Appeals this year. These will include many counties in the state. In Division 2, Judges Erik D. Price and Anne Cruser are running for reelection without opposition. In Division 3, Judge George Fearing is running for reelection without opposition.

Superior Court: There will be Superior Court elections in just a few counties this November, where the governor made interim appointments to fill vacancies. All positions will be up fore election in 2024.

District Court: All District Court judicial positions will be up for election this year. VotingforJudges is rapidly adding counties to its database. For now we have:

King County Northeast Pos. 1: Marcus Naylor
Northeast Pos. 2: Michelle Gehlsen
Northeast Pos. 3: Lisa O'Toole
Northeast Pos. 4: Kevin Peck
Northeast Pos. 5: Jill Klinge
Northeast Pos. 6: Michael Finkle
Joshua Schaer
Northeast Pos. 7: E. Rania Rampersad
Shoreline Pos. 1: Joe Campagna
Shoreline Pos. 2: Karama Hawkins
Southeast Pos. 1: Leah Taguba
Southeast Pos. 2: Matthew York
Southeast Pos. 3: Nathaniel B. Green, Jr.
Southeast Pos. 4: Corinna Harn
Southeast Pos. 5: Virginia M. Amato
Southeast Pos. 6: Rhonda Lauman
Southwest Pos. 1: Brian Todd
Southwest Pos. 2: Andrea S. Jarmon
Southwest Pos. 3: Laurel Gibson
Southwest Pos. 4: La'amomoi Nasanial, Jr.
Southwest Pos. 5: Elizabeth D. Stephenson
West Pos. 1: Lisa A. Paglisotti
West Pos. 2: Kuljinder Dhillon
West Pos. 3: Rebecca C. Robinson
West Pos. 4: Gregg Hirakawa
West Pos. 5: Kristin Shotwell
Kitsap County Position 1: Claire A. Bradley
Position 2: Jeffrey J. Jahns
Position 3: Shane R. Seaman
Stan Glisson
Position 4: Kevin P.Kelly
Spokane County Position 1: Patrick T. Johnson
Position 2: Jeffrey R. Smith
Position 3: Eric Dooyema
Jenny Zappone
Position 4: Patti Connoly Walker
Position 5: Jennifer L. Fassbender
Position 6: Andrew Biviano
Deanna Crull
Position 7: Aimee Maurer
Position 8: Richard M. Leland
Whatcom County Position 1: Angela Anderson
Position 2: Gordon M. Jenkins
Jonathan Rands

Municipal Court: There are some positions on the ballot; it depends on your municipality. We are in the process of adding active elections to Votingfor Judges.

Seattle Position 1: Cat McDowall
Position 2: Andrea Chin
Position 3: Adam Eisenberg
Pooja Vaddadi
Position 4: Anita Crawford-Willis
Position 5: Willie Gregory
Position 6: Faye R. Chess
Position 7: Nyiat Rose-Akins
Damon Shadid
Tacoma Position 1: Dee Sonntag
Reed Speir
Position 2: Drew Ann Henke
Position 3: Sergio C. Flores
Steve Krupa

We are adding more information throughout as it becomes available. Once again this year, VotingforJudges will be your most complete source for impartial judicial election information in Washington. Check back here when you're completing your ballot, and tell your friends and colleagues!


The American Bar Association honored VotingforJudges with its 2007 Silver Gavel Award for Media and the Arts, in the "New Media" category, "recognizing outstanding efforts to foster public understanding of the law."

The Atlanta-based Foundation for Improvement of Justice presented one of its Paul H. Chapman Justice Awards for 2007 to VotingforJudges.

Paul Fjelstad, the law librarian from Kitsap County who created and provides ongoing updates to VotingforJudges, was honored with the King County Bar Association President's Award for his work. He also received a Washington State Bar Association Local Hero Award and a Kitsap County Bar Association President's Award, in part for his development of this site.

Numerous newspaper editorials have praised and recommended this site.

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